Why is PR more digital?

The industry is moving. Medias are changing. And PR agencies have adapted their methods and processes. We all saw it at CES in general and of course with our clients.

why is PR more digital

We've seen a lot of articles about the death of the press release and we should always be wary of announced deaths. In any case, we deal with it . The challenge is not to publish content anymore but to create the narrative and engage the audience from the beginning. By positioning social media as an essential part of public relations, PR agencies are able to be more impactful.


How to make headlines in 2016?

Social media is more than just search engines. It is the largest source of traffic for breaking news. They represent 30% of all organic traffic to websites (including 24% for Facebook).

The effectiveness of editorial is important: today any  subject can make the headlines, but engagement comes from the coversation surrounding it. What is certain is that any PR strategy must take into account this change – and a large part of strategy is to be devoted to the creation of the online conversation.

This is important because we have long believed that social media was a sounding board for medias. But data shows us the exact opposite: it is because we are engaged, we speak about it on social media, thus allowing the news to maintains its positions as a  headlines. Otherwise, attention and online conversation create media coverage and not the reverse.

For example, it is our reaction to events such as (e.g. political campaigns, Kayne West or SXSW ) that make the news constantly – news is not something that we are actively  taking note of ("reading the paper") but something we chose to notice: and before you know it your Twitter feed is harboring some of the most creative and entertaining  hashtags in the world.


How much content is produced each day?

There are over 211 million pieces of content produced per minute.

How many blog posts have been published today?
How many searches are done on Google each year ?
How many tweets have been sent today?

why pr are more digital and social

➔ See the infographic: "Every minute of the day"

Now, you’re Monday ready. Enjoy your day!


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