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Handle the teasing to maximise the impact of a media launch

To meet the expectations of its members and travellers, in the summer of 2014, the online travel booking site launched Bonus +, a completely unprecedented loyalty programme in France. Free, simple and intuitive, it consists of turning the euros spent into bonus points that are usable on future holidays.

The challenge:

How can we create a buzz about this launch in traditional media and on the web in the middle of summer?


The recommended plan of action:

Aware that the summer is not the best time to announce the launch of a new offer, OXYGEN proposed a viral teaser campaign to to arouse the curiosity of industry influencers and the booking site's community upstream from the launch. So, the campaign was created around the concept of the "first time", led by the agency's Social Lab and cleverly mixing traditional Press Relations with E-PR and Social Media. Here are the highlights:

  • A contest on social networks to win a weekend in Seville (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vine). Internet users were invited to share their first time by posting a photo, animated image or video less than 6 seconds long on "First Time I..." theme with the #PremiereFois hashtag.
  • An E-PR aspect: bloggers, selected by the agency to become partners in the operation, relayed it on their blogs.
  • A Tumblr: at the same time as the contest, and to encourage participation by highlighting the fun, offbeat side of the operation, a Tumblr dedicated to the #PremiereFois operation was fed daily with gifs illustrating particularly funny "first times".
  • A Minute Buzz relay: To give exposure to this operation with the general public, a scheme was set up on the Minutebuzz site. It included a skin on the site and writing articles.
  • Press Relations: a more traditional Press Relations component completed the campaign by presenting the Bonus + offer to specialised media and the general public.
  • An end of campaign video: To end the contest by announcing the winner, while presenting the Bonus + programme, an end of campaign video was posted on social media platforms


Carefully planned multi-channel marketing so as to not leave out any of ebookers' targets, good results were achieved both on the web and in traditional media. They were particularly interested in the Bonus + information following the teaser campaign carried out upstream. The viral scheme made it possible to reach the core target and viralize its posts with over 75,000 views.


In summary

78 932







“Oxygen PR in San Francisco did a terrific job in helping us, Homido VR gain a better visibility within the media as we developped our operations in the USA. The whole team was very professional and competent, and was hands on for us at all time. They provided a state of the art PR effective strategy and supported us in our communications campaigns. The positive cooperation was particularly appreciated for the launch of the Homido 'mini' virtual reality glasses during CES 2016 in Las Vegas. Thank you Oxygen for going the extra miles to bring us closer to our public in the US!”

  Olivier Mondon, PR Communications manager for Homido VR,

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