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OXYGEN is a leading agency in the emerging technologies sector. We use sound, picture, video and more, leveraging our strong industry knowledge and working relationships with media and influenceurs to generate interest and desire around innovative products.

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  • agence-D-Link
  • agence RP 10-vins Nantes
  • agence-nvidia
  • agence-Benq
  • Agence RP homido Ces Las Vegas
  • agence-beewi
  • Agence RP emyota salon CES
  • agence-soundvision
  • Agence RP homido Ces Las Vegas
  • Agence RP Lsee
  • agence-Buffalo
  • Agence RP Regulsmoke Nantes
  • agence-shure
  • Agence RP sensorwake Nantes
  • agence-avast
  • Agence communication stereolabs CES Las Vegas
  • agence-msi
  • agence-Geonaute_logo
  • agence-ibaby-logo
  • agence-Optinvent-Logo
  • agence-zeepro
  • agence-Places by Ansamb
  • gaspard
  • egerie-software
  • equisense
  • fenotek
  • c-way
  • arkamys
  • zac
  • lovebox
  • agence-kiwatch
  • Agence RP Arkamys Ces Las Vegas
  • agence-giroptic
  • Agence RP kickstarter novathings
  • Fresh Square logo


“Oxygen PR in San Francisco did a terrific job in helping us, Homido VR gain a better visibility within the media as we developped our operations in the USA. The whole team was very professional and competent, and was hands on for us at all time. They provided a state of the art PR effective strategy and supported us in our communications campaigns. The positive cooperation was particularly appreciated for the launch of the Homido 'mini' virtual reality glasses during CES 2016 in Las Vegas. Thank you Oxygen for going the extra miles to bring us closer to our public in the US!”

  Olivier Mondon, PR Communications manager for Homido VR,

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