Olberon Medical Innovation’s goal is to develop and commercialise innovative medical devices concepts that originates from direct experience of patient care. In this field approach, lacks of efficiency for professionals or lacks of comfort for patients could be observed. As a company, we pay attention to the fact that, on markets with high potential, need is clearly identified and the solution’s intellectual property rights are closely protected.

Olberon Medical Innovation, is now a privately-owned French company, although its story started in UK some years ago when its founder and now President, Dr Arash Bakhtyari, began to draw on paper ideas to improve medical devices addressing issues or discoajoutermfort that he or his NHS colleagues experienced in their daily practice.

Olberon moved its operations to Lille to take benefit of synergies within Eurasanté, a technology park gathering innovative companies in biohealth and healthcare, and of Lille central geographical position in Europe.


«Au travers l’agence OXYGEN, nous avons découvert une équipe dynamique, rigoureuse et à l’écoute qui revisite l’apport des Relations Presse dans une entreprise de services comme Mondial Relay. Leur capacité de s’adapter à nos problématiques métier nous a permis d’optimiser notre présence on & off line. Un partenariat réussi et une confiance renouvelée ! »

  La direction de la communication, Mondial Relay

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