Press and Blogger Events

Press and blogger events are a tried-and-true way of meeting the journalists and influencers in your sector. But organizing them is made particularly delicate by the way such events are over-solicited to the public. Therefore you need to be sure that each offers them real added value.

For the past 15 years, OXYGEN has organized press events for its clients, the format of which varies in accordance with the targeted objectives.

Press Conferences

Generally reserved for organizations that are already well known to the media, dedicated press conferences are particularly suitable for the announcement of major news. They require strong logistics to ensure journalists attend.

Press Meetings

Unlike press conferences, press meetings are better suited to small companies. They allow a link to be established with the key media in your sector. They can take the form of breakfasts lunch or any other casual event and involve one to five journalists.

Press Tour

Generally scheduled to take place over one day, press tours consists of going to editorial meetings to present a product or a service to them. There is no room for chance here : great organization is essential for a press tour to succeed.

Blogger Events

Blogger events allow you to meet these new opinion makers and get to know them better. OXYGEN helps you to identify the key bloggers for your organisation, then plan and implement event concepts that will have a great impact and differentiate you from your competition.

OXYGEN Press Days

Well-versed in the organization of events for journalists and bloggers, several times a year OXYGEN organizes its own press days: So’Food, reserved for agribusiness professionals and So’trendy, dedicated to innovative IT, decor and lifestyle products.

So’Food and So’Trendy are designed as mini-salons, during which a dozen brands meet journalists, trend scouts and other bloggers in their industry, giving them a rare chance to present their new products to them face-to-face.

Organised at key editorial periods, these press days take place in magnificent locations in the heart of Paris and do not require any advance organization on your part. On site, you have a large space for the purpose of exhibiting your products set up just like they were at home. They are punctuated by various demonstrations aimed at introducing your products in a way that is attractive to journalists. So’trendy and So’Food answer the needs of journalists and bloggers by bringing together innovative products and trends in the same place. They get great stories, and you get to reach a very large number of media in just one day, at a key period in the year for coverage.

By participating in So’Trendy, you benefit from all of OXYGEN's expertise in media relations:

  • Between 500 and 1000 journalists and bloggers are invited to these exceptional days including mainstream press, specialist press, television producers, radio talent, and more.
  • Nearly 200 people attended in recent years.
  • As an optional service, OXYGEN can implement a dedicated press campaign around your presence at the event. This includes writing a press release and preparing a press kit that contains HD visuals and technical information about your products.


“Oxygen PR in San Francisco did a terrific job in helping us, Homido VR gain a better visibility within the media as we developped our operations in the USA. The whole team was very professional and competent, and was hands on for us at all time. They provided a state of the art PR effective strategy and supported us in our communications campaigns. The positive cooperation was particularly appreciated for the launch of the Homido 'mini' virtual reality glasses during CES 2016 in Las Vegas. Thank you Oxygen for going the extra miles to bring us closer to our public in the US!”

  Olivier Mondon, PR Communications manager for Homido VR,

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