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Who are we?


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Who are we?
Founded by journalists in 1999, Oxygen is an agency of media experts that helps companies and brands build strong, lasting relationships with their audience.

By creating the first software dedicated to Public Relations - the current market leader - Oxygen invent the new generation of PR. Exit the superficial dimension associated with the profession, the agency innovates and becomes synonymous with methodology, professionalism and transparency thanks to its data-driven PR vision.

year of creation
Million $ in sales in 2018

Innovative PR

Digital has changed the rules. Everything has become media.

With more than 211 million pieces of content published every minute on the web, the rarest resource has become attention.

Oxygen has therefore broken the codes of PR to propel them into the digital age through the development of data-driven communication strategies, including press relations and influencers, social media, content creation and events.

In this way, we create the conditions for high media visibility and a lasting relationship with your audiences.


Why work with us

Since day one, we have experienced regular and controlled growth, which makes us a leading agency on the Public Relations market in France.

Oxygen is an agency created by journalists for journalists. This culture has a direct impact on our PR vision, as we understand the needs and expectations of our customers. Getting the right message across, to the right person, through the right channel and at the right time: this is Oxygen’s method!

A solid relationship is built over time. Our relationship with the media has been ongoing since 1999 and we work hand in hand with journalists and influencers. We refine our knowledge of the subjects that interest them, the way they work, their new sources of inspiration to build with them, day after day, a relationship of mutual trust, which benefits our clients.

Because we only conceive the relationship with our customers with a strong human dimension, we want to remain a local partner. More than a simple service provider, we want to be a direct extension of your communication service, with all that this implies in terms of trust and exchange.

Creator of the digital monitoring solution that sets the standard in media relations, Oxygen has always relied on the most advanced technologies to bring professionalism and precision to its customers. Today, it is thanks to data collection and analysis that the agency can build the most appropriate strategies for each issue and measure the impact of all its actions.

Protecting users' data and respecting their privacy is an integral part of our core values. For this reason, Oxygen complies with the general data protection regulations.

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